Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Time is Here

It's Christmas!!
Christmas eve is one of greatness at the our house. My mom's side comes over and all of us enjoy dinner and fun. The night ended with a bunch of us sitting around the table drinking coffee and laughing about old stories that my uncle was telling us about all of us. It was good times.

Christmas at the Sev household is one of just relaxing, and I love it. After exchanging our gifts, we just kind of relax around the house and enjoy each others company. It really is fantastic.

This evening I will be traveling up the hill to the best friend's house. Even though she is now married and does not live there anymore, I love her family. They are like my second family.

Until that time... Laundry, maybe read a book, spend some time hanging out with the madre, and perchaps even some homework. gasp. I know what you are thinking. It's Christmas break. The semester hasn't even started yet. How do you have homework? Well... Here is your answer: even though I have a rather light schedule as far as hours I am in class, I am, however taking some very difficult classes. So I am going to get a head start on the term papers in which I am to write for them.

And now to leave you with some great events that happened earlier in the week:
I had my first wipe-out of the season on Wednesday morning. I was really hoping to go un-wiped-out this winter... But at least it was in the company of friends. I was at the church with Jess and Gabi (interns) and we were loading up a mattress into the bed of a truck. I was trying to hurry up and go on the other side of Jess to move something out of the way and totally bit it. It was so funny. So we are laughing and I'm trying to stand up and they are holding this bed trying not to drop it because they are laughing so hard. Man oh man. It was a good morning.

Wednesday night I was asked to watch my nephews for a few hours so that my sister and her husband could go and take care of some last minute shopping. After saying goodbye to the parental units, I go downstairs to where the nephews are: they are playing lego Batman. They see me walk in and want me to sit down and watch them play. I sit down and James looks at me and waits for me to look back at him. When I do, he looks me in the eyes and says, "Aunt Danielle, I really like you." And then Jason says, "Yeah! Aunt Danielle," so I look over at Jason and he continues saying, "Aunt Danielle, I think you are really cute." And gives me this little goofy grin.
I love my nephews.

Monday, December 14, 2009

almost finished

I cannot believe that finals week for the fall semester is here. It seems like just yesterday that I was moving things into Shupe at the end of the summer. It has been a crazy and unexpected couple of weeks for sure.
Fall retreats are just a memory. I survived November.
My aunt is home from her month long stay at the hospital in Indy.
Christmas Conspiracy is almost complete for our Student Ministries.
Snow is in the forcast.
Rachel and Chad are now engaged (I was scheme-er and therapist).
I have become obsessed with the show GREEK and have watched 2 and a half seasons in a little over a week.
I am officially done with the semester at 5pm on Friday.
I will begin the Christmas break house-sitting for a week for a family at church.
I am now an RA.
My twin nephews will be 5 in January.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

some things never change

I never thought I would be back in Shupe again. Living in the freshman girls dorm as a 5th year senior, but here I am. I am taking a break from writing a portion of my paper for Personality Theory. I woke up to begin writing it about 2 hours ago, and it is due in less than eight hours. Some things never change.

This past weekend I attended the annual St Mark Middle School Fall Retreat. It was an unbelievably refreshing weekend. I absolutely love the students in our middle school ministries. We had great weather for being outside and we took advantage of that. We also played some great games of mafia. I was able to spend some really quality time with some very quality people. I think that sometimes I forget this. Sometimes I feel like I forget how much I truly love those kids, and it isn't until I spend some time being away from their ministry that I realize how much they are some of the best people that I've ever met. They are genuine. They are loving in a way that is yet to be conditional. They think that everything that you do is cool. They have a love for life and the simple things. And everything is a big deal - even playing some games of capture the flag and kickball. Their excitement is contagious.

This upcoming weekend is the High School Fall Retreat, and I am so pumped for it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I think I have an itch

Last Wednesday if you saw me in the mall......
You may have seen me look a little different than normal.
Maybe I looked a little, okay maybe actually very pregnant while walking around.
We had what looks to be an annual event of the mall scavenger hunt for the youth group.
Our students have items that they need to find in stores and they also have volunteers that come dressed differently that they have to find as well. It was a very successful evening and at the end of the night I finally got to take off the blanket that had been ace bandaged around my mid-section for the past hour. It was a good time.

I think I have an itch.
"An itch?" you'd say.
"Yes. An itch."
"From what?"
"Not from what... FOR what."
"Fine. FOR what?"

These past few weekends have been crazy busy. I think I have only spent one weekend actually in the dorm since I moved in. Its crazy to think that its already October, but even then it is almost over. The next month isn't any better. November is always a crazy month. Whether I want it to be or not. There are fall retreats for work, a conference for work, and then finally Thanksgiving break.
I am so thankful for built in breaks.
Built in vacation time.
If all goes as planned, my Thanksgiving break will consist of relaxing on Wednesday, and then going to my uncle's house for the usual Thursday celebration and from there I will get in my car and meet my friend Jess for a little adventure out east. We are going to travel to DC -- which is one of my favorite places. We plan on stopping at a few places of interest along the way, but mainly our goal is to reach our nation's capital. I want to live there someday.

But don't get me wrong, I am really excited about the weeks prior to the beloved Thanksgiving break. The fall retreats, while tiring, are always a blast. And well, this conference, its the National Youth Workers Convention. And, its going to be held in Atlanta, GA, this year... Which means... a trip to see the Dawn Heckman. And did I mention that I get to hear some great bands and some great speakers (Francis Chan to name drop one...).

As of right now, this is my life... Sleep, Classes, Eat, Work, Homework.