Monday, October 26, 2009

I think I have an itch

Last Wednesday if you saw me in the mall......
You may have seen me look a little different than normal.
Maybe I looked a little, okay maybe actually very pregnant while walking around.
We had what looks to be an annual event of the mall scavenger hunt for the youth group.
Our students have items that they need to find in stores and they also have volunteers that come dressed differently that they have to find as well. It was a very successful evening and at the end of the night I finally got to take off the blanket that had been ace bandaged around my mid-section for the past hour. It was a good time.

I think I have an itch.
"An itch?" you'd say.
"Yes. An itch."
"From what?"
"Not from what... FOR what."
"Fine. FOR what?"

These past few weekends have been crazy busy. I think I have only spent one weekend actually in the dorm since I moved in. Its crazy to think that its already October, but even then it is almost over. The next month isn't any better. November is always a crazy month. Whether I want it to be or not. There are fall retreats for work, a conference for work, and then finally Thanksgiving break.
I am so thankful for built in breaks.
Built in vacation time.
If all goes as planned, my Thanksgiving break will consist of relaxing on Wednesday, and then going to my uncle's house for the usual Thursday celebration and from there I will get in my car and meet my friend Jess for a little adventure out east. We are going to travel to DC -- which is one of my favorite places. We plan on stopping at a few places of interest along the way, but mainly our goal is to reach our nation's capital. I want to live there someday.

But don't get me wrong, I am really excited about the weeks prior to the beloved Thanksgiving break. The fall retreats, while tiring, are always a blast. And well, this conference, its the National Youth Workers Convention. And, its going to be held in Atlanta, GA, this year... Which means... a trip to see the Dawn Heckman. And did I mention that I get to hear some great bands and some great speakers (Francis Chan to name drop one...).

As of right now, this is my life... Sleep, Classes, Eat, Work, Homework.

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