Wednesday, November 11, 2009

some things never change

I never thought I would be back in Shupe again. Living in the freshman girls dorm as a 5th year senior, but here I am. I am taking a break from writing a portion of my paper for Personality Theory. I woke up to begin writing it about 2 hours ago, and it is due in less than eight hours. Some things never change.

This past weekend I attended the annual St Mark Middle School Fall Retreat. It was an unbelievably refreshing weekend. I absolutely love the students in our middle school ministries. We had great weather for being outside and we took advantage of that. We also played some great games of mafia. I was able to spend some really quality time with some very quality people. I think that sometimes I forget this. Sometimes I feel like I forget how much I truly love those kids, and it isn't until I spend some time being away from their ministry that I realize how much they are some of the best people that I've ever met. They are genuine. They are loving in a way that is yet to be conditional. They think that everything that you do is cool. They have a love for life and the simple things. And everything is a big deal - even playing some games of capture the flag and kickball. Their excitement is contagious.

This upcoming weekend is the High School Fall Retreat, and I am so pumped for it.