Monday, December 14, 2009

almost finished

I cannot believe that finals week for the fall semester is here. It seems like just yesterday that I was moving things into Shupe at the end of the summer. It has been a crazy and unexpected couple of weeks for sure.
Fall retreats are just a memory. I survived November.
My aunt is home from her month long stay at the hospital in Indy.
Christmas Conspiracy is almost complete for our Student Ministries.
Snow is in the forcast.
Rachel and Chad are now engaged (I was scheme-er and therapist).
I have become obsessed with the show GREEK and have watched 2 and a half seasons in a little over a week.
I am officially done with the semester at 5pm on Friday.
I will begin the Christmas break house-sitting for a week for a family at church.
I am now an RA.
My twin nephews will be 5 in January.

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