Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

this is the only title i can come up with

I love my church.
I love the students that I get to hang out with. I love the staff that I get to hang out with. My church is seriously awesome. Okay. That is maybe the end of that bragging... Maybe.
But seriously. Here is why:
- Emotionally hard times... I've seen them happen in our students' lives. And I've seen their friends and their mentors in the youth group surround them and be people that are willing to be in the midst of that situation with them. I can't even tell you how much I love to see that when it happens.
- We have so much fun together.... Whether it is playing a game of Christian Guard, playing Ninja, watching a movie, or just eating some food together; I never leave without having abs that are a little sore or eyes that have a few tears because I have laughed THAT hard. And I will admit that I have become dangerously close to peeing my pants again.

And well... I have a new Wednesday night and Sunday night tradition. Like I mentioned in earlier posts, I am a co-leader for a small group for our high school ministry, and it is hosted at an awesome family's house on Wednesday nights. I am in love with this family. They are the type of family that when you meet them, you instantly feel like a part of it. So now, when group is over, Doug and I and a few others will go to this family's house and eat some amazing food and just hang out with them. The new Sunday night tradition started two weeks ago. There is an awesome chinese restaurant that is just down the road from our church. When I was an intern at St Mark we would eat there before Wednesday nights, and I am so glad that we have started back up at eating there. It is great food for a great price and I love the owner. It is owned place by a chinese family, so the wife is always there, and is usually always the waitress/hostess. She is awesome. So anyways, now every Sunday night after youth group, a majority of the group goes down to the restaurant and has a huge family style chinese dinner.

I am officially a Jamba Juice employee. I went through a seriously intense week of training and our store officially has its grand opening tomorrow morning at 10am. I am pretty much monumentally pumped. I work with such a great team - seriously, from owner to management to all team members... I am so pumped. So I'm not "using" my degree, but I am gaining a new life experience, and hopefully impacting the people that I meet there. I'm excited to work there. And well, the great smoothies are a plus.

I am pumped about Thanksgiving, but that is another post that will have to come later. I need to get to sleep.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

marcel the shell with shoes on

I was introduced to this video by some students in my youth group last night at a movie night that was hosted at Seth and Nikki's house. Oh my goodness. It seriously had me crying. It was the simple things really... Like the voice of Marcel and the part when Marcel's like "sometimes people say that my head is too big for my body and I say compared to what?" and "we won't fight unless we're provoked". I love it all.

It was all around a fun night last night.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

update shmupdate

A hodge-podge of updates.

1)I survived the Middle School Fall Retreat. It was maybe one of the greatest ones I've been on. Adam Sharp spoke for us and Chris Lehane led worship for us. Saturday was spent lounging, world domination in Risk, playing games of mafia, playing some hide and seek around the place we were staying at, having a bonfire, and concluding the day with the greatest dance party EVER. I just wish that I could have been a part of it more, but such is life with a recovering injury. I'm not supposed to really run, jump, dance on the foot yet... But I did get out on the floor for a few songs. Paying for it now.

2) I am pumped for this weekend and the High School Fall Retreat. Jared Gregory is going to be speaking. It's going to be a blast. No doubt.

3) Next week I start training for the new Jamba Juice that is opening in the Eddy Street Commons. I am so excited to begin working there. We have the greatest team ever! No Joke. I am so pumped to work with Dana, Dian, and Mary.

4)I think in the past two weeks I have watched the trailer for Despicable Me at least a hundred times. My nephew Brayln absolutely loves watching it, and I can't even describe what its like to watch him watch the trailer.

5) I think my love of coffee is bordering on addiction. Seriously... Some days I wake up and it is the very first thing that I think about. Especially when it is the Vanilla Biscotti blend. Mmmm.

6) I find that more and more often [especially in the last week] I wish I was better at basic math. And things like telling time. But I'm not. It comes from being dyslexic. Give me a page of math problems and I will work those out no problem... But when it comes to like recording down amounts of money spent and adding those things together - numbers get jumbled. I remember that I always hated doing receipts for Seth when I worked for him because it would take FOREVER to do. And I seriously have no concept of time. Someone can call me and if I don't look at a clock and someone asks when they called... I can't tell you. Not even a rough estimate of when it was. 20 minutes is sometimes 45 minutes. And 45 minutes is sometimes 20 minutes. And in stories that I tell... Usually "the other day" refers to anything that happened before "yesterday".

7) I saw all the snow on Friday night... And I was pumped. I was so not really expecting to feel that way about it. I am unbelievably excited about Christmas music and hot chocolate. And watching Elf. And napping on the couch in the living room when there is tons of snow falling outside.

The end.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

it is here!

November is here, which means in St Mark lingo, the season of retreats. In fact, I am posting this from the middle school fall retreat. It has already been an eventful time here. Last night we had our first retreat casualty, two boys collided while playing capture the flag last night... I think it is safe to say that that is not our game right now.
Well, I'm out l Ike trout. Time to start the session!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

life and love and why

I am sorry I haven't kept up with the blogging, but there hasn't really been much going on in life that is blog-able.

And then I remember everything that has gone on in life.

I lead the freshman small group at my church now. The groups started about a month ago. I love it and I am learning so much. Tomorrow is our "night out on the town' and my group is going to the home of one of our students. Hopefully the weather is cooperative for a bonfire, smores, and pumpkin carving.

My walking boot is history in one more day. I cannot tell you how excited I am... Now if only the swelling in my ankle will go down so that I can wear my favorite pair of shoes again soon...

This past Friday, I was reunited with great friends. And again on Saturday. Brittany was in from grad school for the weekend, and we had a great group of friends show up for a great dinner. Bethel had their Alumni girls basketball game on Saturday. I have been missing my old roommates and friends, and still do, and it was so good to see some old faces that I love.

This Sunday, Pastor John spoke about fellowship and I was reminded how much it is necessary for us to have a loving community, and seeing the beauty and love that is our church family.
A student in our ministry is going through a difficult time. Her mom is back in the hospital for what seems like the bagillionth time, and things don't look good. She has an older sister and a younger brother. It is overwhelming to think of how much their lives will change in such a short time.
I think about all this. And then I remember the sermon I heard on Sunday and the certainties in life: The church I attend is a loving family that is supportive, and that I am a part of that support. God is Good. God is Love. God is faithful. God is in control.

And tomorrow the sun will rise.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I just needed to say that I love my friends!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

because i can't seem to fall asleep

I'm tired but I cannot seem to go to sleep :(

Rant (skip to next break in text if you don't want to hear about crutches)
Unfortunately everything is harder to accomplish on crutches.
I filled and emptied the dishwasher today, and that was quite the task. I almost fell multiple times and almost dropped several dishes. Seeing someone else struggle with it might have been funny, but having it be me, i was rather frustrated. And worried, because my balance is definitely not the greatest. I've fallen on my foot twice in the past two weeks, and they have happened entering and exiting the house.
It takes the longest time ever to get ready for anything. There are only two pairs of jeans that I can wear with this cast on, and it is always a process to put them on.
Being forgetful officially sucks. I will go to get something, crutch out, and then forget what I was there for, or forget to add something to my load of what I wanted.
And well... driving. It is pretty much a pain. If I am driving a car, my leg has to go over the center counsel because my right foot is the one that's broken. And then its insanely awkward trying to get in or out. If I am driving the truck, I have to park like a mile away from anywhere that I am going because it takes up more than one parking space (thanks mom for buying the biggest truck ever). And because it is so tall, I have to get in from the passengers side by lifting myself in using the two handles on the ceiling.
Starbucks. It is not really possible to go to the bucks by myself unless I go through the drive-thru.
End rant.

Now that I have that out of my system, I get my walking boot on Thursday, which is technically tomorrow :) I am mainly excited about the fact that I will be able to actually walk around.

I got possibly the best video message ever from Courtney and Amy all the way in the DR. It was the greatest!

In the past two weeks:
I have started and almost finished my scrapbook from my spring break trip to DC. It only makes me want to go back, and soon.
I have made about a bagillion cards to send out. Not even kidding you. Current count is 30.
I have watched all four seasons of The OC. Finished it in 2 weeks! Courtney, there were 2 scenes in the fourth season that made me think of you especially: quotes about betrayal and Judas.
My mom and I went to target and I pretty much left a path of destruction around me with the motorized cart. We about peed our pants because we were laughing so hard. She could tell where I was because of the moving clothing racks.
My grandpa gave me a cigar. I giggle about it to myself for quite some time.
I have yet to actually drop anything that I have been carrying around, which just makes me feel proud of myself. Considering that I drop things even when I am not crutching around on one leg.
I have spent some rather quality time with the Tiffany. Which has been fantastic.
I may or may not have found a new movie to add to my favorites list: Despicable Me. Leah and I went to see it together at the dollar theatre and laughed pretty much the entire movie.

Plans for the upcoming week?
Walking boot: Kaitlin and I were brainstorming and she would like to bedazzle my walking boot. We are pretty much monumentally pumped about it.
Job hunting: time to pound the pavement again.
Taking a nap in my hammock. I've missed it.

Things I'm kind of sad about:
I will miss my favorite time of year to rollerblade.
I will also probably be out for the snowboarding season.
Notre Dame Football.
My lack of picnic table talks with Dawn Heckman. It is about to be prime picnic table talking time, with fall here and everything, and you, Dawn, are in China. Bummer.

That's all for now.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Wow. I have been up for five hours already. It might be because I slept so much yesterday... Or it could be the cup of coffee that I decided to drink with my mom at 4:30am. Or you know, a combination of the two.

I had a consultation with a podiatrist (foot doctor) this past Tuesday. He took a look at my x-rays and we talked about my options. There were two that were presented to me: I could spend 6 weeks in a cast, then we could see where I am from there and either need surgery then or be in a walking boot for 4 weeks. Or. I could just get the surgery now. Be in a splint for 2 weeks. And then be in a walking boot for 4 weeks. I chose option B. Yesterday morning at 11am I had surgery and I now have a permanent screw in my foot. It is a lot bigger then I thought it would be. But it doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would. Thank you Darvocet.

What's so funny to me about all this is that about a month ago my brother was playing softball and broke his foot. I gave him a hard time about helping him out all the time and saying that once he was in his walking boot that I was done getting everything for him all the time.... Oh payback. The thing is... I can tell if its more of a "nanana boo boo" to me, or to him. Like "Oh hey Kyle... now its your turn to do everything for me". Or "Oh hey Danni.... now you know how much it sucks being like this." I'm pretty sure its the latter of the two.
And well...
It's kind of crazy.
Sunday morning (pre-break) I was thinking about a few things and seriously just being like "Okay, I wish things were like this... and I can't wait for this and that... I wish I could fast forward a few more months... and blah blah blah blah blah" And then I stopped and thought "Dear God, teach me patience." This is an odd way to learn it. But it certainly gets the job done. I need to learn patience in reference to time... and in reference to those around me. I often get frustrated when I have to "wait around" for other people. It's one of those things where I seriously have to stop myself and rethink the situation.
But oh man... I'll tell you what I AM excited for.
1) Today my sister Tonna is coming over and my cousin Jordan. I haven't just hung out with my sister when she hasn't had her kids around... since they were born! Talk about crazy. And I can get some help with the laundry maybe :)
I took for granted a lot of things that I did when I have both feet working and well... arms that are available to me. You really can't carry much if you are crutching it up everywhere. I avoid using stairs as much as possible because it takes forever and the crutches are awkward and well... lets just say that I'm not the most coordinated person. Crutches are quite possibly the devil, but also a great way to build/tone arm muscles FAST.
2) I've been wanting to make a scrapbook of college. Mainly the trips, but some times in between too. And I can finally sit down and relax and work on it. And maybe get a trip in to hobby lobby to get some supplies for it :)
3) Reading. I've never read Wuthering Heights before. It's one of my mom's favorites. So maybe I will pick it up... although... it is upstairs. We will see. And The Count of Monte Cristo. I have started that book numerous times and still haven't finished it. I get bored with it... so maybe this time I'll finish it.

Time to nap
The meds are kicking in :)

Monday, September 13, 2010


Apparently it has become a tradition for me to get myself hurt whenever St Mark Student Ministries decides to host a night called Flour Wars. It is our own spin on Capture the Flag. For those of you not knowing how to play, or what CTF is the rules are as follows.
Two teams have their own respective sides of a field and hide a flag within their territories. At the whistle players go into "enemy" territory to try and retrieve the other team's flag without getting caught. If they are caught, they are placed in jail until someone from their team runs to the jail to jailbreak them.
Our twist is that we have knee high panty hose that are filled with flour. Each player has two flour bags and uses them to throw at the opposing team to place them in jail.

Two summers ago we played in a field behind one of our student's houses. It was a great night and things were going smoothly. And then.... Adam and I started to goof around and throw flour on each other. Somehow my eyebrow ring got caught on something and it started to bleed. Two weeks later I ended up taking it out because it wouldn't heal.

Last night we played in the open field behind our church. It is really uneven and hilly back there. As I was running up a hill I stepped in a divot/dip/hole and rolled my foot and fell. I ended up breaking my foot. The bone on the side of my right foot that is in line with the pinky toe. Oh my goodness it hurt. A friend drove me home and then my dad and I went to the ER since that is the only place that was open that I can use my insurance. I got x-rays and a prescription for some pain medication and crutches. Tomorrow I go into a podiatrist to get my foot checked out. We'll see if I need surgery or what kind of cast I need and what not. Good job Danielle. Good job.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


For some reason unknown to me there is only one thing that I wish I was doing right now....

And that would be this: I wish I was camping right now.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

lastest purchase, latest news

I just purchased my first pair of TOMS and I am so pumped to get them in the mail :)

Now... Life Update:

This past week has been a week of transition. I am finished with my internship at the Juvenile Justice Center and it was such a fantastic experience. I learned so much by being there and working alongside some pretty awesome people. With the end of that, I am turning in a resume at Family and Children's Center on Monday morning for a possible position of case manager. It's something that has been on my mind a lot, especially since my recent internship. I think it would be a good place for me.
This past Tuesday evening I went over to Bethel to help Leah get things situated in her room. She is living in a house that I used to live in, so it was cool to meet the new people living there. It was a lot of heavy moving, but we managed to make it work. I am not sure how we moved some of the stuff and we definitely felt like old women after we finished.
Wednesday morning I traveled down to Columbus, IN to visit my best friend Heather and her hubby Mike. I hitched a ride with Heather's mom. It was a spectacular time. Heather and Mike are moving into a house very soon and so we spent some of the time painting [good thing I was pretty much born with a roller in my hand]. Basically in 2 half days we completed 4 rooms [that's first AND second coat]. So I would say that it was a successful time.
I arrived back in Mishawaka yesterday with just enough time to shower, change, and pick up Dana to go up to Kalamazoo for Nate Taylor and Andrea Selent's wedding. It was such a fun night, but I was ready to go and sleep in my bed by the time we left.
Today is recoup/get ready for next week day. I am giving myself until noon to relax and then it is time to get to work. Later tonight I am pumped to meet up with some of my old RA friends to go to ihop for some euchre and hot chocolate and many many laughs. I am pretty sure that I almost wet my pants every time that I hang out with Korey, Michelle, and Courtney, and tonight is probably going to be no exception.
I'm pumped.
And tomorrow after church I am going to eat lunch with Leah and Amy. So that's definitely going to be a great time as well.
Yay for fun!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

some great videos...

Just saying.... In case you are wondering if there are any good pong shot videos out there - these were made by some guys in my youth group that I volunteer at.

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

6 things i am thankful for [yes, i know it isn't november]

Here are six things that have been rather amazing to my life that I am unbelievably thankful to have.

1 & 2. Tokbox and Skype.... great ways to stay connected with friends via video chats. Both of them are great for different reasons. Skype is great for using when it is a one on one conversation, but with Tokbox, it allows you to conference call with friends. It is pretty much fantastic... However, it isn't as good of quality for video feed, but it's pretty much amazing. And I am sooo glad that it is available so that I can chat with cool people like Leah and Courtney and see their beautiful faces.

3. Psych... I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this tv show, and it is one that my mom enjoys as well, so come Wednesday nights at 10pm, you can usually find her and I hanging out and watching it together. And well... having DVR is nice too - it allows my mom and I to enjoy the episodes again. And again. And again. And, well... you get the picture.

4, 5, & 6. Travel mugs... because coffee has never been more essential to my life then it has been this summer. And coffee pots. And the Folger's Gourmet Vanilla Biscotti coffee - it really is everything fabulous.

Well... Time to watch Psych :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

one thing i never hope to ever experience first hand...


Nothing like someone getting maced in the face because of a fight and it spreading through-out the facility. Lets just say that my eyes and throat could tell all day long.


There you go @Joel Runyon. Blog. Posted.


Monday, July 5, 2010

because I can sleep when I am dead

Today is my last day of freedom... ish. Tomorrow I start working -- if you want to know where you can ask me about it. But I am pumped. Just saying.
Brittany asked me why I would get up so early on my last free weekday for a while and I had no answer. Had I been more awake when she asked me... I may have said one of these statements "because I can sleep when I am dead" "because I can then enjoy a great and relaxing nap during the day" "because I should get used to waking up that early" "because it is worth it to go to breakfast with a friend" "because then I will hopefully go to bed earlier the night before I actually start work". So there.
So yeah... I guess I won't be getting much sleep in the next few weeks until wedding season is over. Because even when I will not be working I will be doing things to get ready for the weddings or hanging out with friends that I have neglected in the past few weeks.

Anyways, this past week has been fantastic for a quite a few reasons. I am house-sitting again for another family from my church. And I have been hanging out with some pretty stellar people.
Favorite moment of the week: Bdubbs with Kassandra and Brittany -- Kassandra chose a great oldie from the 90's. Best sing-along ever.
Other favorite moment of the week: Shopping at the mall with Brittany and Joel. Let's just leave it at that because there are way too many things to list. [minus the million hours spent in the food court while Joel posted his blog.]

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

life as I know it

I sit here and think to myself that I should be in bed right now, but alas, my mind is elsewhere and I simply cannot go to bed without getting some things down.
Over the past month I have come to my blog thinking that I would post something. And that that something would be everything and then some. It would be inspiring. It would be witty. It would be funny. Maybe even make you pee your pants. And most of all, that it would be just the thing that you were hoping to read and just the thing that I needed in my soul to write.
Instead... I end up with a few ramblings. A few things that seem to be not worthy enough to post, let alone finish. And a few things that have not been articulated the way that I feel they should.

Seg-way into snapshots of life as of late:

Last fall, Josh Reibock spoke in chapel. His message was about the Good Samaritan and his own personal interactions with a modern day good samaritan. That day kind of changed my life. I picked up his book (My Generation) and began to read it. From cover to cover. By the end of the first chapter I found myself with notecards and highlighters and pens ready to underline and copy down my favorite tid-bits so that I would not forget what I had learned. This was a book I had been waiting for. This is what I had been hoping to find. This was something that made my pulse quicken. I had found something that had resonated with my heart. I would like to say that I have done this huge thing after reading it; a devote resolution to change the world starting with my generation... But I didn't. I shared a few tid-bits I had gotten from the book with friends, and then put the book back on my shelf. It wasn't until this past month that those notecards that I had made began to nag at me saying "Put me into practice... duh. That's why you made me!"
I, here and now, promise that I will get in the mess even when it is inconvenient, I will go to where to I feel uncomfortable in order to meet with those there, I will try to the best of my ability to be authentic even if it hurts, and let people see the change process in me.

On the 19th I was a bridesmaid in one of my best friends wedding. I have never felt more honored to be a part of a wedding party. It is funny how things work. Having known Rachel for only 5 years, but feeling like we have known each other for forever. That is how I feel about a majority of my friends that I met in college. I love and am thankful for the relationship that I have with Rachel and Chad.

Sunday, June 13 through Thursday, June 17th I had the amazing opportunity to go on an infamous Mystery Trip with my youth group. When I arrived at the church on Sunday morning I learned of our destination and trip itinerary, and to say that I was excited of all that was to come would be an understatement. Over the course of the trip I divulged of my love for Jesse McCartney music, for the first time ever felt awesome after throwing up (we had some mexican that did not agree with me whatsoever), went white water rafting and was tossed out in the middle of a class 4 rapid, and peed my pants in a closet while playing a version of hide and seek with our students. Yes, you were not imagining that last statement. I peed my pants. I have no bladder control when I laugh to the point of tears and it is hard for any coherent phrases to be heard coming from my mouth. I will just state that I blame it on Joe, Seth, and Nate for making me laugh hard earlier in the day and then creating the perfect blend of heat, tiredness, and laughter for the whole ordeal to take place. I will say one thing. It is not the first time that this has happened. Maybe I will share that some other time...

I received a text from Courtney one day this summer that said something along the lines of "the next time you go to Starbucks, you must order the blended strawberry lemonade" - I am just saying... Life-changing decision right there. It is the perfect expression of summer. And regardless of how stressed I am feeling or whatever mood I am in... I feel at peace and a little bit inspired. It is a little bit of heaven right here on earth.

About an hour ago, before I started this post, I stumbled across this website. It is something that Joel and Becca would love. Something that seems impossible and if it worked, could change the world. Exciting stuff.

Anways... I must be going to bed. In exactly 5 hours I need to be awake and drive to Chicago to pick up Dani and Ryan from the airport.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My eyebrows WILL be able to do this by the time the summer is over.

I don't care what Courtney Chapman says... I will be able to do this with my eyebrows by the end of summer. Leah and I have made it our goal to be able to do this. It is going to take a lot of practice and some good eyebrow exercises but I believe that it is possible. Even if it seems impossible.

But seriously. This ad is by far one of my favorites ever made by Cadbury. I laugh every time I see it. Especially at the part with the balloon. Who makes up these? Kudos.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a world of possiblities

Well, it is official. I am no longer returning to college in the fall. It's weird. I still have a few internship hours to finish off my degree, and I am having some trouble with that. I interviewed for a position at one location, but it doesn't look like it is going to work out because there are not enough hours that they can offer me. Talk about bummer. It's disappointing, but at the same time I am looking at this as a good thing. It frees me up to another world of possibilities.
So I am pulling out the resume, and I am going to tweak it once again and I am going to get an internship.

I am also renovating my bedroom. There are a few pieces I am getting rid of, a few that I am recycling, and a few new additions. And no more yellow on my walls. I am sad to see the yellow go, but the color will still be there in the gerber daisies that I have in some great new glass jars that I got from Hobby Lobby and from Goodwill. And, I'm putting some great Valspar paint from Lowes on the walls. I'm just a little nervous about the paint. I choose 3 colors, which is riskier than usual for me. I'm unsure... But the more I look at the sample that I painted on the wall, the better I feel about them. In the sunlight, I think I might be a lot(tle) bit in-like. So yeah. Not gonna lie, the more I think about it, the more it is perfect.

Here are a few things that I have found that I am in love with since starting this whole room project:
*I love gerber daisies in white and yellow.
*I love Valspar paint.
*I love Lowes. I can spend hours in there.
*I love HGTV. It is all things fabulous. (And what inspired me to start this project)
*I love Pandora. It has been setting the soundtrack for the whole project. Yesterday I had my channel set to Tyler Hilton. Today I am thinking Rooney.
*I love dollies. They are life savers when moving heavy furniture.
*I love Wooster paint brushes. They have ones with a shortened handle. It allows me to have a lot more control when I cut, and fits perfectly in my little hands.
*I love my hard back books. They are usually my favorite books. And they splash a lot of color on my shelves.

Fantastic. And speaking of fantastic. I got a great phone call from a fantastic Colombian. It made my day.
It's time to buy the paint.

Friday, April 30, 2010

a day of lasts.

Today was a day of lasts.
My time in Shupe is winding down and people are moving out. Being an RA means that I am a part of that in that I send some of these very special freshman on their way for their first summer between college. It was a sad time for most of the girls. It's hard. Going from living with people every day for 9 months to being gone for 3 months and you may never live in the same place with these people, even if you all do come back in the fall.... For many that I checked out today it really hadn't hit them that I was graduating... That this might be our last time together. It was sad. I find that my heart is heavy. It was hard. Especially with those that I got very close with this year.
[side note: radiohead is playing on Pandora right now... they may or may not be a new favorite of mine] [and Matt Nathanson is growing on me]
I had a dad today ask me how I liked being an RA. I'm not gonna lie, duty sometimes was unbearable, but it was also maybe one of the best experiences of my college life. I have pretty much absolutely loved being an RA this semester. I have changed a lot as a person and have learned a lot about myself. And I've developed relationships with some great people that might not have happened otherwise.
Today was my last day working at St Mark as an assistant. It was fun to work there, but I will not miss doing the very large mailings that occur each time that a new calendar is out. And I will not miss getting ready for the very large parent meetings that come twice a year. Thank the Lord.
I also went to an interview at the suicide prevention center up in Granger. I interviewed for an internship to be an assistant to the director. It seems like it is going to be seriously an amazing experience. This is one of those internships that when I heard about it my pulse quickened and I just knew that it was something that I wanted to do. I will learn on Monday if the position is mine.

Tonight is the graduate dinner. It should be a fun time.
Well... I'm out.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I took what felt like the longest nap of my life today.

And it was glorious.

Monday, April 26, 2010

These are many of my lasts... Today I took my last final. I turned in my last final paper. Friday I had my last class of undergradness. Tonight is my last night on duty (thankfully). And last night was my last all-nighter pulled to finish a paper that I had written half of earlier and forgotten to finish. Last night was rachel's last night staying with me in shupe. Last night was my last night to spend the evening in Notre Dame's library studying and looking for books. And hopefully the last time that Rachel and I literally collide while looking for books.

The upcoming rest of the week my be my lasts for a lot of things and might be my lasts in seeing a lot of people.

I realize that I haven't blogged in a while, and there is some informing that needs to happen.
Let me tell you about my SoulForce experience.
SoulForce is a LGBTQ group that travels around to various christian campuses that they believe to have policies that are oppressive or discriminatory towards LGBTQ people, they call it an "equality ride". Since Bethel is a college that is founded by the Missionary Church and follows the Missionary Church's doctrine, it disagrees with the lifestyles of LGBTQ persons. I was a host for one of the "riders" which means that I spent the day at Bethel with Mia. I went to chapel with her and the group and then we went to lunch together and then we had an open forum time/group discussion. One of the points in the discussion was over a section in our student handbook that outlines Bethel's general rules of conduct in which it states "All students must abstain from... (listing several things)... sexual promiscuity (including adultery, homosexuality and fornication)..." Our administration has already agreed to change the wording of that statement to read "homosexual behavior" instead of "homosexuality". Bethel is a college that commits to strive for purity, which is their reasoning for that clause being in the handbook and on other various documents at the college. There were a lot of other things about the day that I could put in here, but I will spare you. If you would like to know, then you may contact me. All in all, I think I went away from the day positively. It affirmed my beliefs, and I can honestly say that I am proud to attend this school. Our goal is to love and live a life that is worthy of following Christ.
It also made me aware of the disconnect between the two groups. What I mean by that, is that the main way in which I identify myself is many things: Christian, daughter, sister, aunt, student, etc. For the "riders" many of them had their identities very focused on their sexual orientation and on their gender identity (or lack thereof).

Anyway. This post is already way too long. And I'm exhausted from the all-nighter and distracted by Courtney sitting right next to me watching clips from The Middle.
Catch ya later.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Two More Weeks

Two more weeks! Two more weeks! Two more weeks!!!
I can't believe it. I officially have only two more weeks of classes and three more weeks until graduation. Time has really flown by. And I feel like I have a ton of things to do before it is over.

At this point in time one week ago I was with Laura and Naomi for Laura's last night in the states. The three of us traveled to Chicago on Tuesday morning to Midway to drop Laura off. I missed her as soon as she left the car. Naomi and I spent a few hours in Chicago afterwards. We did a little shopping and ate at Giordano's and spent more money on parking than we did actually on anything else, but that's Chicago for you. It feels like that was just yesterday.

This Friday I get the chance to participate in a unique experience here at Bethel. A group known as Soul Force contacted Bethel my freshman year to see if they could come to Bethel, and so Bethel set up a time that they could come. The day has finally come. I was asked by my RD to be a host for one of the members. So Friday morning I will wake up early and head to Wiekamp to meet the person that I will be spending the day with. I am really looking forward to the experience.

Here are some things that I am looking forward to doing in the next three weeks before I am officially a Bethel Graduate:
*Chipotle date with Grace
*rollerblading with friends at the River Walk
*the Camp Out/double movie feature of Dennis the Menace and The Sandlot (including the making of smores... because you can't have one without the other in either situation)
*being mischievous on campus
*selling my books
*Shupe Slip n Slide
*having no finals during finals week
*spending tons of time outdoors
*bridal showers (I have about 1 a week until school is out)
*Panera date with Mozy
*various proclaimations with Leah and Amy
*making a music video
*dance parties to relieve stress
*Dunes day with Courtney (and maybe Tiff if she isn't busy)
*photo shoot (not that kind you perv...)

Well, it is time to get back to my study guide for Bio Psych.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

this is march

It is nearing the end of March... Which means only one thing: insomnia.

It's getting down to the nitty gritty in March Madness. I am hoping to see the final game match up being MSU vs Butler because that would just be awesome, but Butler has a big game ahead of them playing Duke. I didn't participate in any brackets and I'm glad because I would have screwed it up big time, like most others.

The dorm seems to be going crazy lately. My floor has been up late for the past week and we all know it. And.... it's getting to the time where some pull some pranks. And others get even.

As of graduation day I no longer have a job. I currently have two of them. I need to update the resume and send it out. It has been on my mind a lot.

I also have what feels like a ton of other school related things to take care of before the big day in May. It seriously feels like only yesterday that I was moving in here and starting my final year here.
I have taken to watching anything and everything while doing my homework. I watched all four seasons of The OC in 3 weeks. At one point in time I made the comment that something was "... so Ryan Atwood". I think I may have become obsessed. Just a little... Okay, yeah. I watched 9 hours of it in a 24 hour period of time. I spent more time watching it then any other activity that day. Yikes!
I have also finished all the movies on my DC list. Which means.... back to watching episodes of the West Wing while doing work. It's easy to study/get things done while it is on because I've seen all of them, I own them, and I can come in and out and know what's going on. And it doesn't get old for me.

And my compy yet again has another issue with it, so I am borrowing a laptop from my parents right now to finish up final papers, etc. If I wasn't so close to being done with undergrad, I don't know what I would do.

And that is life right now.
I'm headed to bed. I have a very long day ahead.

Monday, March 15, 2010

life right now

Life right now at this moment is as such:
I changed back into my pajamas... The time is currently 3:52pm.
The credits are rolling on the movie Cast Away. (one of my favorite films -- the score is brilliant)
I spent way to much money last week.
I have sneezed about 50 bazillion times today. And I feel like a walking petri dish of cold and flu. This is no good.

Tonight I am on duty. I also have an RA meeting. I also need to pick up my parent's grill from Seth and Nikki's house. I also am in charge of an event for tonight -- tie dye. This is no good when feeling horrible. But, such is life.

This weekend I watched so many older movies from my childhood and from my DC list: Titanic, Pearl Harbor, Apollo 13, and Jurassic Park. So many old memories came to mind while watching those movies.

The brother of one of the girls on my floor died in a car accident this weekend. I talked with her roommate last night. We are getting a van to go to the viewing sometime tomorrow. I don't even feel like I know what the correct response is... I do know though, because I have had classes in this being a psychology major, but still. People say stupid things sometimes, especially when trying to comfort someone that is experiencing loss. I am just afraid that I am going to be one of them.

I have a few upcoming projects that I am completely geeked about.
I bought a scrapbook. I am doing baby steps though... I am hoping to maybe have it include my college years in its entirety, but I am starting with Spring Break to DC. I hope it turns out well.
My parents are going to re-paint the living room at the househome soon. I was overly excited about the project when I was painting my office and picked out possible colors for the househome. We may have found a winner.
I was then inspired to pick out possible colors for my bedroom in the househome. I found some great colors that I would love to paint on my walls and ceiling and got some great ideas for putting stuff on the walls... But who knows if that will happen. Hopefully a summer project.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

It is Saturday night.
And currently I am sitting next to Amy Fishbein and Leah Smith. I'm pretty pumped that they are here, not gonna lie. I've missed their faces.
Today was spent doing laundry, cleaning, and hanging out with Laura and the nephews.

Leah is currently talking about how unmotivated she is. That is totally me. I feel completely unmotivated to do any sort of school work.

And Amy hates little kids.
She is now asking me to retract that.

Leah is talking about a man that was hacking on the bus.
I don't know.
Apparently it was very disgusting and it sounded like he might have been dying.

Okay, so Amy does not hate little kids... Well, she does, but I didn't finish her statement... She hates when people bring their little kids on planes and they can't handle it. And all they do is whine and cry.

Well. I'm signing off.

Friday, March 5, 2010

United 93

Today I sat down and watched the first movie from my list that I had wanted to watch.

I watched United 93.

It was the only film in the list earlier mentioned that I had not seen before making the list itself.

I must admit that I was a bit wary about watching this film. I was wondering if it was going to be an adequate depiction. And an honor to those on the flight.

Seeing the plaque in the Capitol Building when we took our tour is what stuck in the back of my mind when I picked it up at a friend's house and asked to borrow it. It had not yet been opened, and they have had it for years. I had originally gone to see if they had any of the films on dvd that I had on my list (I have about half on vhs and half on dvd) and intended not to watch this particular film at all, but as I was looking through their collection, that one stuck in my mind, and I decided to add it to my list of films.

I remember September 11, 2001, so vividly. I was sitting in my homeroom as a freshman in high school. It was during iStep testing, and as a freshman, we take the Terra Nova, which is a prep type of exam for another exam that we need to graduate from high school. My homeroom was located in the kitchen/restaurant classroom and I was in the second row, first desk. My best friend Lindsay was in the desk next to mine because of alphabetical seating. My teacher left the room for a meeting that had been called, and when she returned she told us what had happened and we spent the rest of our time in there watching CNN. I remember watching with everyone else, as the live footage scrolled and the second plane flew into the second tower.

When I first heard about the film, I thought that it was too soon. Too soon for a film like this to be made about 9/11. And I was worried it was going to be exploitative. When it was being made, it had only been 4 years, and by the films release, it would be 5 years.

As the movie begins. It flashes to the hijackers in their morning routine of prayer and reading of the Koran, and getting ready for their day. As you watch the film, at least for me, there was attention to detail for each person on the plane. At one point the pilots are talking about their families to one another. Another passenger comments to a fellow passenger about their work. You very subtly are introduced to each person on the plane. It captured the chaos in several different places as the events of the day unfold in real time. And it was very well put together. The whole film itself was very emotional. The chaos in the air traffic control centers and the military centers is palpable. And the feelings of helplessness once they realized the situations in the air are felt. On the flight - it felt as if you were there. The last 15 minutes of the film are... just that. It leaves you speechless. It's high intensity. The final moments, you see the field in Pennsylvania spiraling closer and closer to the screen and then the screen cuts to black and you are left in silence. After several seconds, the music starts and this appears: "Of the four aircraft hijacked that day, United 93 was the only one that did not reach its target. It crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:03am. No one survived." Several more screens flash information about 9/11 before the credits roll.
There is a documentary in the special features on the dvd that walks through the process of talking with the family members of those that were on board the flight. For me, that was beneficial to hear what they thought of making the film and to watch the actors meet them, especially because of my thoughts of it being too soon to make the film.

This film surpassed everything that I could have hoped for in a movie about what occurred on flight United 93. It was very very well done.

Spring Break at Home

Our last day in DC was a ton of fun, but also a ton of walking once again.
We walked down to the Air and Space Museum and spent a few hours there seeing the exhibits. It was pretty cool. We saw a plane from the Wright Brothers, and saw one of the planes that Amelia Earhart flew, and the Apollo 11 command module.
After the Air and Space Museum, we walked all the way to the White House. That was our last stop in Washington DC. We saw it from the front, which since the last time that I was there, which was almost 10 years ago, things look a lot different. It was pre-9/11, so security has tightened up. And we went around to the back. There was a press pool set up in the back, so I am wondering what was up. Not really sure. But anyways, it was a fun visit, and it was a great ending to our spring break trip to the capital.
While in DC, I thought about all the movies that I would like to watch that related to the trip in one way or another -- such as Jurassic Park - which was triggered by the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Natural History.
So here is the list: Jurassic Park, Apollo 13, The Patriot, Pearl Harbor, Titanic, Miracle, October Sky, United 93, She's the Man, and Cast Away.
I will let you know how it goes.

Anyways... We left DC around 2pm and pulled in to Bethel College at 11:30pm. It was a great trip home. We made up a game that we played for about 2 hours on the trip home where we yelled the word "BRIDGE" every time that we saw one on the road. Later it had stipulations to the game where if you called a false-bridge you were deducted a point, and it had to be a bridge that we were going under. I must admit that I think I had a little bit of an advantage being the driver, but then again I also had probably the worst eye-sight in the car. So there. But still I dominated. By the time we decided that the game should end I was leader with calling 22, Tiff in 2nd with calling 9, and Courtney in last with calling 6 (and she was even sitting shotgun). The roads were great, and there was only a little rain on the way home.
The morning after... not so great. Apparently the Wendy's that we ate for dinner was not so happy being in my stomach. About an hour or two after falling asleep I woke up and well.... I'll spare you the details. I spent the rest of the day catching up on my shows, napping, and cleaning out the car and getting it washed.

Today I plan on watching United 93 and picking up the twins to stay all night here.
It's going to be a great day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Last Night in DC

This is officially our last night in DC. Today was another long day. But before I tell you all about what we did today, we must first talk about yesterday.

Yesterday morning we woke up bright and early again at 7am in order to get ready for the day. We got on the metro and ventured to the Capitol Building where we went on a tour. We saw tons of very cool things. And then we went over to the Senator's Office Building where we literally almost ran into John McCain, no big deal... We went to get some passes to see the House of Representatives and ended up getting passes for both the House and Senate, and the Senate was in session... So we watched the Senate debate. It was like 3 Senators... and I'm pretty sure that one of them was on their phone and probably using twitter. But anyways. After that we went back onto the metro and coming up the escalator a guy started to talk to us and was trying to sell us maps when this police car just pulls up out of nowhere with his lights on and the guy was like "man... He's coming for me..." Apparently he might have been trying to sell us maps that you can get for free. After that we went to the Holocaust Museum. It was a good museum. After that we got some food from a local bar and grill. It was some awesome food. We came home and were exhausted, so we went to bed.

This morning we woke up only an hour later than the previous day. I feel like we walked ALL over the place. We found the nearest starbucks, and then walked to Ford's Theater. We walked through a museum that was in the basement and then went up into the theater to see where Abraham Lincoln was shot. It was a pretty amazing museum. Then we went across the street and were able to see the house where he died. After that we walked to the National Archives and saw the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and a bunch of other awesome historical documents. After that we traveled to the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of American History. the MoAH was kind of a letdown. Not gonna lie. But anyways, after that we went to all the monuments that we had left to see. We went to the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the Korean War Monument, the Lincoln Monument, the Vietnam War Memorial, and the World War II Memorial. It was a lot of walking around. A lot. After that we ate some great pizza, went to H&M so that I could do a little shopping, and then went to Barnes and Noble to read some books and relax and warm up with some hot chocolate.

Well... I'm out. I'm going to bed because tomorrow we are going to the White House and then touring the Air and Space Museum before we head out. I wish we could stay a little longer so that we could do more and also hang out and be able to relax, but I am also sooo ready to go home.

Well... I should really go to bed now.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Break in DC

So two friends of mine (Courtney and Tiffany) and I packed up our stuff on Saturday morning at 4am and began our trek to Washington DC for spring break 201o. We are staying in a hostel. It was a cheaper one... and we KNOW it. Haha. Its a creaky old house. But its fun. And definitely interesting. We have affectionately nicknamed the place 'DC Sketchy'. If you don't think that is the case... One of the staff members gave me a parking permit for my car -- the permit was a piece from a notepad that she wrote on. And we found this sign in the bathroom. This is legit what it said: "Dear guests, please be considered, dont do to others that you would not like onto yourself: DONT COME UP DRIPPING from the shower - leaving wet puddles on the floor, PLEASE DRY yourself while still in the shower. Thank you, Staff"
We are meeting a lot of really cool people from different countries. We just met one girl from the Czech Republic that moved into our room tonight and another girl from Holland we met last night when we moved in.
We pulled into our hostel yesterday at 4pm. So 12 hours after we left, we arrived at our destination. When we got here we moved our things in and then left to go out into the city. We are only a few blocks from the main strip of shopping on 7th street. And from there, only a few more blocks from the Washington Monument. So last night we did some shopping around and then went to the Washington Monument. It was so amazing at night. I loved it. We took some great and crazy photos. We got pretty frozen outside and so decided to come back to the hostel. We hung out in the main hang out area with some other guests that are here. I became the secretary of a fan club -- I am the second member of this club with a gay guy. It is in appreciation of one of the staff members named Tom. Hahaha. It was a great time hanging with him.
Today we woke early in the morning at 7am to get some showers before going to the National Cathedral for their 8:50am Eucharist. It was a good service. After the service we went and explored the Cathedral on our own and saw some pretty cool stuff. They had their own mini grotto in the basement. They have three other chapels besides the main Cathedral space. After the Cathedral we drove to Arlington National Cemetery. It seriously took us 2 hours to get there because we kept getting unclear directions from locals and from google maps. It was kind of frustrating. Here is a little note... If you cannot find the street, try going over the tunnel instead of through the tunnel because there just might be the round-about that you need... We spent around 3 hours going around Arlington. We had some amazing views. It was partly cloudy, so we had some great photos with the clouds and the blue sky and the sun.
We made our way back into the downtown area of DC around 5pm and decided to find a place to eat. Apparently in DC a majority of shops and restaurants decide to either not open, or close early so we had to walk a few blocks from our parking spot in order to find a restaurant. We ended up going into a restaurant called Harry's. Which is a bar and grill kind of joint. We watched the ending of the Canada/US hockey game. When the US made the goal to tie the game with some 3 minutes left in the game, the whole restaurant cheered. It was fun to join in.
We decided after dinner that we were rather tired and wanted to come back to the hostel.

Tomorrow we are getting up bright and early to tour the Capitol Building. Tiff hooked us up with a time to go and tour. So tomorrow is government building day. Hahaha. So yeah. It should be another fun and long day. We are going to be experiencing the DC metro rail system. I loved riding the metro in Southern California. Its just a different way of getting around. I just really enjoy public transportation. Its an experience that is necessary to feel like a part of that city. Especially if it is a highly pedestrianized city like DC, LA, or Chicago. Along with hitting up all the government buildings, we also hope to go to the Holocaust Museum.