Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Break in DC

So two friends of mine (Courtney and Tiffany) and I packed up our stuff on Saturday morning at 4am and began our trek to Washington DC for spring break 201o. We are staying in a hostel. It was a cheaper one... and we KNOW it. Haha. Its a creaky old house. But its fun. And definitely interesting. We have affectionately nicknamed the place 'DC Sketchy'. If you don't think that is the case... One of the staff members gave me a parking permit for my car -- the permit was a piece from a notepad that she wrote on. And we found this sign in the bathroom. This is legit what it said: "Dear guests, please be considered, dont do to others that you would not like onto yourself: DONT COME UP DRIPPING from the shower - leaving wet puddles on the floor, PLEASE DRY yourself while still in the shower. Thank you, Staff"
We are meeting a lot of really cool people from different countries. We just met one girl from the Czech Republic that moved into our room tonight and another girl from Holland we met last night when we moved in.
We pulled into our hostel yesterday at 4pm. So 12 hours after we left, we arrived at our destination. When we got here we moved our things in and then left to go out into the city. We are only a few blocks from the main strip of shopping on 7th street. And from there, only a few more blocks from the Washington Monument. So last night we did some shopping around and then went to the Washington Monument. It was so amazing at night. I loved it. We took some great and crazy photos. We got pretty frozen outside and so decided to come back to the hostel. We hung out in the main hang out area with some other guests that are here. I became the secretary of a fan club -- I am the second member of this club with a gay guy. It is in appreciation of one of the staff members named Tom. Hahaha. It was a great time hanging with him.
Today we woke early in the morning at 7am to get some showers before going to the National Cathedral for their 8:50am Eucharist. It was a good service. After the service we went and explored the Cathedral on our own and saw some pretty cool stuff. They had their own mini grotto in the basement. They have three other chapels besides the main Cathedral space. After the Cathedral we drove to Arlington National Cemetery. It seriously took us 2 hours to get there because we kept getting unclear directions from locals and from google maps. It was kind of frustrating. Here is a little note... If you cannot find the street, try going over the tunnel instead of through the tunnel because there just might be the round-about that you need... We spent around 3 hours going around Arlington. We had some amazing views. It was partly cloudy, so we had some great photos with the clouds and the blue sky and the sun.
We made our way back into the downtown area of DC around 5pm and decided to find a place to eat. Apparently in DC a majority of shops and restaurants decide to either not open, or close early so we had to walk a few blocks from our parking spot in order to find a restaurant. We ended up going into a restaurant called Harry's. Which is a bar and grill kind of joint. We watched the ending of the Canada/US hockey game. When the US made the goal to tie the game with some 3 minutes left in the game, the whole restaurant cheered. It was fun to join in.
We decided after dinner that we were rather tired and wanted to come back to the hostel.

Tomorrow we are getting up bright and early to tour the Capitol Building. Tiff hooked us up with a time to go and tour. So tomorrow is government building day. Hahaha. So yeah. It should be another fun and long day. We are going to be experiencing the DC metro rail system. I loved riding the metro in Southern California. Its just a different way of getting around. I just really enjoy public transportation. Its an experience that is necessary to feel like a part of that city. Especially if it is a highly pedestrianized city like DC, LA, or Chicago. Along with hitting up all the government buildings, we also hope to go to the Holocaust Museum.

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