Sunday, March 28, 2010

this is march

It is nearing the end of March... Which means only one thing: insomnia.

It's getting down to the nitty gritty in March Madness. I am hoping to see the final game match up being MSU vs Butler because that would just be awesome, but Butler has a big game ahead of them playing Duke. I didn't participate in any brackets and I'm glad because I would have screwed it up big time, like most others.

The dorm seems to be going crazy lately. My floor has been up late for the past week and we all know it. And.... it's getting to the time where some pull some pranks. And others get even.

As of graduation day I no longer have a job. I currently have two of them. I need to update the resume and send it out. It has been on my mind a lot.

I also have what feels like a ton of other school related things to take care of before the big day in May. It seriously feels like only yesterday that I was moving in here and starting my final year here.
I have taken to watching anything and everything while doing my homework. I watched all four seasons of The OC in 3 weeks. At one point in time I made the comment that something was "... so Ryan Atwood". I think I may have become obsessed. Just a little... Okay, yeah. I watched 9 hours of it in a 24 hour period of time. I spent more time watching it then any other activity that day. Yikes!
I have also finished all the movies on my DC list. Which means.... back to watching episodes of the West Wing while doing work. It's easy to study/get things done while it is on because I've seen all of them, I own them, and I can come in and out and know what's going on. And it doesn't get old for me.

And my compy yet again has another issue with it, so I am borrowing a laptop from my parents right now to finish up final papers, etc. If I wasn't so close to being done with undergrad, I don't know what I would do.

And that is life right now.
I'm headed to bed. I have a very long day ahead.

Monday, March 15, 2010

life right now

Life right now at this moment is as such:
I changed back into my pajamas... The time is currently 3:52pm.
The credits are rolling on the movie Cast Away. (one of my favorite films -- the score is brilliant)
I spent way to much money last week.
I have sneezed about 50 bazillion times today. And I feel like a walking petri dish of cold and flu. This is no good.

Tonight I am on duty. I also have an RA meeting. I also need to pick up my parent's grill from Seth and Nikki's house. I also am in charge of an event for tonight -- tie dye. This is no good when feeling horrible. But, such is life.

This weekend I watched so many older movies from my childhood and from my DC list: Titanic, Pearl Harbor, Apollo 13, and Jurassic Park. So many old memories came to mind while watching those movies.

The brother of one of the girls on my floor died in a car accident this weekend. I talked with her roommate last night. We are getting a van to go to the viewing sometime tomorrow. I don't even feel like I know what the correct response is... I do know though, because I have had classes in this being a psychology major, but still. People say stupid things sometimes, especially when trying to comfort someone that is experiencing loss. I am just afraid that I am going to be one of them.

I have a few upcoming projects that I am completely geeked about.
I bought a scrapbook. I am doing baby steps though... I am hoping to maybe have it include my college years in its entirety, but I am starting with Spring Break to DC. I hope it turns out well.
My parents are going to re-paint the living room at the househome soon. I was overly excited about the project when I was painting my office and picked out possible colors for the househome. We may have found a winner.
I was then inspired to pick out possible colors for my bedroom in the househome. I found some great colors that I would love to paint on my walls and ceiling and got some great ideas for putting stuff on the walls... But who knows if that will happen. Hopefully a summer project.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

It is Saturday night.
And currently I am sitting next to Amy Fishbein and Leah Smith. I'm pretty pumped that they are here, not gonna lie. I've missed their faces.
Today was spent doing laundry, cleaning, and hanging out with Laura and the nephews.

Leah is currently talking about how unmotivated she is. That is totally me. I feel completely unmotivated to do any sort of school work.

And Amy hates little kids.
She is now asking me to retract that.

Leah is talking about a man that was hacking on the bus.
I don't know.
Apparently it was very disgusting and it sounded like he might have been dying.

Okay, so Amy does not hate little kids... Well, she does, but I didn't finish her statement... She hates when people bring their little kids on planes and they can't handle it. And all they do is whine and cry.

Well. I'm signing off.

Friday, March 5, 2010

United 93

Today I sat down and watched the first movie from my list that I had wanted to watch.

I watched United 93.

It was the only film in the list earlier mentioned that I had not seen before making the list itself.

I must admit that I was a bit wary about watching this film. I was wondering if it was going to be an adequate depiction. And an honor to those on the flight.

Seeing the plaque in the Capitol Building when we took our tour is what stuck in the back of my mind when I picked it up at a friend's house and asked to borrow it. It had not yet been opened, and they have had it for years. I had originally gone to see if they had any of the films on dvd that I had on my list (I have about half on vhs and half on dvd) and intended not to watch this particular film at all, but as I was looking through their collection, that one stuck in my mind, and I decided to add it to my list of films.

I remember September 11, 2001, so vividly. I was sitting in my homeroom as a freshman in high school. It was during iStep testing, and as a freshman, we take the Terra Nova, which is a prep type of exam for another exam that we need to graduate from high school. My homeroom was located in the kitchen/restaurant classroom and I was in the second row, first desk. My best friend Lindsay was in the desk next to mine because of alphabetical seating. My teacher left the room for a meeting that had been called, and when she returned she told us what had happened and we spent the rest of our time in there watching CNN. I remember watching with everyone else, as the live footage scrolled and the second plane flew into the second tower.

When I first heard about the film, I thought that it was too soon. Too soon for a film like this to be made about 9/11. And I was worried it was going to be exploitative. When it was being made, it had only been 4 years, and by the films release, it would be 5 years.

As the movie begins. It flashes to the hijackers in their morning routine of prayer and reading of the Koran, and getting ready for their day. As you watch the film, at least for me, there was attention to detail for each person on the plane. At one point the pilots are talking about their families to one another. Another passenger comments to a fellow passenger about their work. You very subtly are introduced to each person on the plane. It captured the chaos in several different places as the events of the day unfold in real time. And it was very well put together. The whole film itself was very emotional. The chaos in the air traffic control centers and the military centers is palpable. And the feelings of helplessness once they realized the situations in the air are felt. On the flight - it felt as if you were there. The last 15 minutes of the film are... just that. It leaves you speechless. It's high intensity. The final moments, you see the field in Pennsylvania spiraling closer and closer to the screen and then the screen cuts to black and you are left in silence. After several seconds, the music starts and this appears: "Of the four aircraft hijacked that day, United 93 was the only one that did not reach its target. It crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:03am. No one survived." Several more screens flash information about 9/11 before the credits roll.
There is a documentary in the special features on the dvd that walks through the process of talking with the family members of those that were on board the flight. For me, that was beneficial to hear what they thought of making the film and to watch the actors meet them, especially because of my thoughts of it being too soon to make the film.

This film surpassed everything that I could have hoped for in a movie about what occurred on flight United 93. It was very very well done.

Spring Break at Home

Our last day in DC was a ton of fun, but also a ton of walking once again.
We walked down to the Air and Space Museum and spent a few hours there seeing the exhibits. It was pretty cool. We saw a plane from the Wright Brothers, and saw one of the planes that Amelia Earhart flew, and the Apollo 11 command module.
After the Air and Space Museum, we walked all the way to the White House. That was our last stop in Washington DC. We saw it from the front, which since the last time that I was there, which was almost 10 years ago, things look a lot different. It was pre-9/11, so security has tightened up. And we went around to the back. There was a press pool set up in the back, so I am wondering what was up. Not really sure. But anyways, it was a fun visit, and it was a great ending to our spring break trip to the capital.
While in DC, I thought about all the movies that I would like to watch that related to the trip in one way or another -- such as Jurassic Park - which was triggered by the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Natural History.
So here is the list: Jurassic Park, Apollo 13, The Patriot, Pearl Harbor, Titanic, Miracle, October Sky, United 93, She's the Man, and Cast Away.
I will let you know how it goes.

Anyways... We left DC around 2pm and pulled in to Bethel College at 11:30pm. It was a great trip home. We made up a game that we played for about 2 hours on the trip home where we yelled the word "BRIDGE" every time that we saw one on the road. Later it had stipulations to the game where if you called a false-bridge you were deducted a point, and it had to be a bridge that we were going under. I must admit that I think I had a little bit of an advantage being the driver, but then again I also had probably the worst eye-sight in the car. So there. But still I dominated. By the time we decided that the game should end I was leader with calling 22, Tiff in 2nd with calling 9, and Courtney in last with calling 6 (and she was even sitting shotgun). The roads were great, and there was only a little rain on the way home.
The morning after... not so great. Apparently the Wendy's that we ate for dinner was not so happy being in my stomach. About an hour or two after falling asleep I woke up and well.... I'll spare you the details. I spent the rest of the day catching up on my shows, napping, and cleaning out the car and getting it washed.

Today I plan on watching United 93 and picking up the twins to stay all night here.
It's going to be a great day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Last Night in DC

This is officially our last night in DC. Today was another long day. But before I tell you all about what we did today, we must first talk about yesterday.

Yesterday morning we woke up bright and early again at 7am in order to get ready for the day. We got on the metro and ventured to the Capitol Building where we went on a tour. We saw tons of very cool things. And then we went over to the Senator's Office Building where we literally almost ran into John McCain, no big deal... We went to get some passes to see the House of Representatives and ended up getting passes for both the House and Senate, and the Senate was in session... So we watched the Senate debate. It was like 3 Senators... and I'm pretty sure that one of them was on their phone and probably using twitter. But anyways. After that we went back onto the metro and coming up the escalator a guy started to talk to us and was trying to sell us maps when this police car just pulls up out of nowhere with his lights on and the guy was like "man... He's coming for me..." Apparently he might have been trying to sell us maps that you can get for free. After that we went to the Holocaust Museum. It was a good museum. After that we got some food from a local bar and grill. It was some awesome food. We came home and were exhausted, so we went to bed.

This morning we woke up only an hour later than the previous day. I feel like we walked ALL over the place. We found the nearest starbucks, and then walked to Ford's Theater. We walked through a museum that was in the basement and then went up into the theater to see where Abraham Lincoln was shot. It was a pretty amazing museum. Then we went across the street and were able to see the house where he died. After that we walked to the National Archives and saw the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and a bunch of other awesome historical documents. After that we traveled to the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of American History. the MoAH was kind of a letdown. Not gonna lie. But anyways, after that we went to all the monuments that we had left to see. We went to the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the Korean War Monument, the Lincoln Monument, the Vietnam War Memorial, and the World War II Memorial. It was a lot of walking around. A lot. After that we ate some great pizza, went to H&M so that I could do a little shopping, and then went to Barnes and Noble to read some books and relax and warm up with some hot chocolate.

Well... I'm out. I'm going to bed because tomorrow we are going to the White House and then touring the Air and Space Museum before we head out. I wish we could stay a little longer so that we could do more and also hang out and be able to relax, but I am also sooo ready to go home.

Well... I should really go to bed now.