Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Last Night in DC

This is officially our last night in DC. Today was another long day. But before I tell you all about what we did today, we must first talk about yesterday.

Yesterday morning we woke up bright and early again at 7am in order to get ready for the day. We got on the metro and ventured to the Capitol Building where we went on a tour. We saw tons of very cool things. And then we went over to the Senator's Office Building where we literally almost ran into John McCain, no big deal... We went to get some passes to see the House of Representatives and ended up getting passes for both the House and Senate, and the Senate was in session... So we watched the Senate debate. It was like 3 Senators... and I'm pretty sure that one of them was on their phone and probably using twitter. But anyways. After that we went back onto the metro and coming up the escalator a guy started to talk to us and was trying to sell us maps when this police car just pulls up out of nowhere with his lights on and the guy was like "man... He's coming for me..." Apparently he might have been trying to sell us maps that you can get for free. After that we went to the Holocaust Museum. It was a good museum. After that we got some food from a local bar and grill. It was some awesome food. We came home and were exhausted, so we went to bed.

This morning we woke up only an hour later than the previous day. I feel like we walked ALL over the place. We found the nearest starbucks, and then walked to Ford's Theater. We walked through a museum that was in the basement and then went up into the theater to see where Abraham Lincoln was shot. It was a pretty amazing museum. Then we went across the street and were able to see the house where he died. After that we walked to the National Archives and saw the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and a bunch of other awesome historical documents. After that we traveled to the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of American History. the MoAH was kind of a letdown. Not gonna lie. But anyways, after that we went to all the monuments that we had left to see. We went to the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the Korean War Monument, the Lincoln Monument, the Vietnam War Memorial, and the World War II Memorial. It was a lot of walking around. A lot. After that we ate some great pizza, went to H&M so that I could do a little shopping, and then went to Barnes and Noble to read some books and relax and warm up with some hot chocolate.

Well... I'm out. I'm going to bed because tomorrow we are going to the White House and then touring the Air and Space Museum before we head out. I wish we could stay a little longer so that we could do more and also hang out and be able to relax, but I am also sooo ready to go home.

Well... I should really go to bed now.

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