Friday, April 30, 2010

a day of lasts.

Today was a day of lasts.
My time in Shupe is winding down and people are moving out. Being an RA means that I am a part of that in that I send some of these very special freshman on their way for their first summer between college. It was a sad time for most of the girls. It's hard. Going from living with people every day for 9 months to being gone for 3 months and you may never live in the same place with these people, even if you all do come back in the fall.... For many that I checked out today it really hadn't hit them that I was graduating... That this might be our last time together. It was sad. I find that my heart is heavy. It was hard. Especially with those that I got very close with this year.
[side note: radiohead is playing on Pandora right now... they may or may not be a new favorite of mine] [and Matt Nathanson is growing on me]
I had a dad today ask me how I liked being an RA. I'm not gonna lie, duty sometimes was unbearable, but it was also maybe one of the best experiences of my college life. I have pretty much absolutely loved being an RA this semester. I have changed a lot as a person and have learned a lot about myself. And I've developed relationships with some great people that might not have happened otherwise.
Today was my last day working at St Mark as an assistant. It was fun to work there, but I will not miss doing the very large mailings that occur each time that a new calendar is out. And I will not miss getting ready for the very large parent meetings that come twice a year. Thank the Lord.
I also went to an interview at the suicide prevention center up in Granger. I interviewed for an internship to be an assistant to the director. It seems like it is going to be seriously an amazing experience. This is one of those internships that when I heard about it my pulse quickened and I just knew that it was something that I wanted to do. I will learn on Monday if the position is mine.

Tonight is the graduate dinner. It should be a fun time.
Well... I'm out.

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