Wednesday, September 29, 2010

because i can't seem to fall asleep

I'm tired but I cannot seem to go to sleep :(

Rant (skip to next break in text if you don't want to hear about crutches)
Unfortunately everything is harder to accomplish on crutches.
I filled and emptied the dishwasher today, and that was quite the task. I almost fell multiple times and almost dropped several dishes. Seeing someone else struggle with it might have been funny, but having it be me, i was rather frustrated. And worried, because my balance is definitely not the greatest. I've fallen on my foot twice in the past two weeks, and they have happened entering and exiting the house.
It takes the longest time ever to get ready for anything. There are only two pairs of jeans that I can wear with this cast on, and it is always a process to put them on.
Being forgetful officially sucks. I will go to get something, crutch out, and then forget what I was there for, or forget to add something to my load of what I wanted.
And well... driving. It is pretty much a pain. If I am driving a car, my leg has to go over the center counsel because my right foot is the one that's broken. And then its insanely awkward trying to get in or out. If I am driving the truck, I have to park like a mile away from anywhere that I am going because it takes up more than one parking space (thanks mom for buying the biggest truck ever). And because it is so tall, I have to get in from the passengers side by lifting myself in using the two handles on the ceiling.
Starbucks. It is not really possible to go to the bucks by myself unless I go through the drive-thru.
End rant.

Now that I have that out of my system, I get my walking boot on Thursday, which is technically tomorrow :) I am mainly excited about the fact that I will be able to actually walk around.

I got possibly the best video message ever from Courtney and Amy all the way in the DR. It was the greatest!

In the past two weeks:
I have started and almost finished my scrapbook from my spring break trip to DC. It only makes me want to go back, and soon.
I have made about a bagillion cards to send out. Not even kidding you. Current count is 30.
I have watched all four seasons of The OC. Finished it in 2 weeks! Courtney, there were 2 scenes in the fourth season that made me think of you especially: quotes about betrayal and Judas.
My mom and I went to target and I pretty much left a path of destruction around me with the motorized cart. We about peed our pants because we were laughing so hard. She could tell where I was because of the moving clothing racks.
My grandpa gave me a cigar. I giggle about it to myself for quite some time.
I have yet to actually drop anything that I have been carrying around, which just makes me feel proud of myself. Considering that I drop things even when I am not crutching around on one leg.
I have spent some rather quality time with the Tiffany. Which has been fantastic.
I may or may not have found a new movie to add to my favorites list: Despicable Me. Leah and I went to see it together at the dollar theatre and laughed pretty much the entire movie.

Plans for the upcoming week?
Walking boot: Kaitlin and I were brainstorming and she would like to bedazzle my walking boot. We are pretty much monumentally pumped about it.
Job hunting: time to pound the pavement again.
Taking a nap in my hammock. I've missed it.

Things I'm kind of sad about:
I will miss my favorite time of year to rollerblade.
I will also probably be out for the snowboarding season.
Notre Dame Football.
My lack of picnic table talks with Dawn Heckman. It is about to be prime picnic table talking time, with fall here and everything, and you, Dawn, are in China. Bummer.

That's all for now.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Wow. I have been up for five hours already. It might be because I slept so much yesterday... Or it could be the cup of coffee that I decided to drink with my mom at 4:30am. Or you know, a combination of the two.

I had a consultation with a podiatrist (foot doctor) this past Tuesday. He took a look at my x-rays and we talked about my options. There were two that were presented to me: I could spend 6 weeks in a cast, then we could see where I am from there and either need surgery then or be in a walking boot for 4 weeks. Or. I could just get the surgery now. Be in a splint for 2 weeks. And then be in a walking boot for 4 weeks. I chose option B. Yesterday morning at 11am I had surgery and I now have a permanent screw in my foot. It is a lot bigger then I thought it would be. But it doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would. Thank you Darvocet.

What's so funny to me about all this is that about a month ago my brother was playing softball and broke his foot. I gave him a hard time about helping him out all the time and saying that once he was in his walking boot that I was done getting everything for him all the time.... Oh payback. The thing is... I can tell if its more of a "nanana boo boo" to me, or to him. Like "Oh hey Kyle... now its your turn to do everything for me". Or "Oh hey Danni.... now you know how much it sucks being like this." I'm pretty sure its the latter of the two.
And well...
It's kind of crazy.
Sunday morning (pre-break) I was thinking about a few things and seriously just being like "Okay, I wish things were like this... and I can't wait for this and that... I wish I could fast forward a few more months... and blah blah blah blah blah" And then I stopped and thought "Dear God, teach me patience." This is an odd way to learn it. But it certainly gets the job done. I need to learn patience in reference to time... and in reference to those around me. I often get frustrated when I have to "wait around" for other people. It's one of those things where I seriously have to stop myself and rethink the situation.
But oh man... I'll tell you what I AM excited for.
1) Today my sister Tonna is coming over and my cousin Jordan. I haven't just hung out with my sister when she hasn't had her kids around... since they were born! Talk about crazy. And I can get some help with the laundry maybe :)
I took for granted a lot of things that I did when I have both feet working and well... arms that are available to me. You really can't carry much if you are crutching it up everywhere. I avoid using stairs as much as possible because it takes forever and the crutches are awkward and well... lets just say that I'm not the most coordinated person. Crutches are quite possibly the devil, but also a great way to build/tone arm muscles FAST.
2) I've been wanting to make a scrapbook of college. Mainly the trips, but some times in between too. And I can finally sit down and relax and work on it. And maybe get a trip in to hobby lobby to get some supplies for it :)
3) Reading. I've never read Wuthering Heights before. It's one of my mom's favorites. So maybe I will pick it up... although... it is upstairs. We will see. And The Count of Monte Cristo. I have started that book numerous times and still haven't finished it. I get bored with it... so maybe this time I'll finish it.

Time to nap
The meds are kicking in :)

Monday, September 13, 2010


Apparently it has become a tradition for me to get myself hurt whenever St Mark Student Ministries decides to host a night called Flour Wars. It is our own spin on Capture the Flag. For those of you not knowing how to play, or what CTF is the rules are as follows.
Two teams have their own respective sides of a field and hide a flag within their territories. At the whistle players go into "enemy" territory to try and retrieve the other team's flag without getting caught. If they are caught, they are placed in jail until someone from their team runs to the jail to jailbreak them.
Our twist is that we have knee high panty hose that are filled with flour. Each player has two flour bags and uses them to throw at the opposing team to place them in jail.

Two summers ago we played in a field behind one of our student's houses. It was a great night and things were going smoothly. And then.... Adam and I started to goof around and throw flour on each other. Somehow my eyebrow ring got caught on something and it started to bleed. Two weeks later I ended up taking it out because it wouldn't heal.

Last night we played in the open field behind our church. It is really uneven and hilly back there. As I was running up a hill I stepped in a divot/dip/hole and rolled my foot and fell. I ended up breaking my foot. The bone on the side of my right foot that is in line with the pinky toe. Oh my goodness it hurt. A friend drove me home and then my dad and I went to the ER since that is the only place that was open that I can use my insurance. I got x-rays and a prescription for some pain medication and crutches. Tomorrow I go into a podiatrist to get my foot checked out. We'll see if I need surgery or what kind of cast I need and what not. Good job Danielle. Good job.