Monday, September 13, 2010


Apparently it has become a tradition for me to get myself hurt whenever St Mark Student Ministries decides to host a night called Flour Wars. It is our own spin on Capture the Flag. For those of you not knowing how to play, or what CTF is the rules are as follows.
Two teams have their own respective sides of a field and hide a flag within their territories. At the whistle players go into "enemy" territory to try and retrieve the other team's flag without getting caught. If they are caught, they are placed in jail until someone from their team runs to the jail to jailbreak them.
Our twist is that we have knee high panty hose that are filled with flour. Each player has two flour bags and uses them to throw at the opposing team to place them in jail.

Two summers ago we played in a field behind one of our student's houses. It was a great night and things were going smoothly. And then.... Adam and I started to goof around and throw flour on each other. Somehow my eyebrow ring got caught on something and it started to bleed. Two weeks later I ended up taking it out because it wouldn't heal.

Last night we played in the open field behind our church. It is really uneven and hilly back there. As I was running up a hill I stepped in a divot/dip/hole and rolled my foot and fell. I ended up breaking my foot. The bone on the side of my right foot that is in line with the pinky toe. Oh my goodness it hurt. A friend drove me home and then my dad and I went to the ER since that is the only place that was open that I can use my insurance. I got x-rays and a prescription for some pain medication and crutches. Tomorrow I go into a podiatrist to get my foot checked out. We'll see if I need surgery or what kind of cast I need and what not. Good job Danielle. Good job.