Tuesday, October 26, 2010

life and love and why

I am sorry I haven't kept up with the blogging, but there hasn't really been much going on in life that is blog-able.

And then I remember everything that has gone on in life.

I lead the freshman small group at my church now. The groups started about a month ago. I love it and I am learning so much. Tomorrow is our "night out on the town' and my group is going to the home of one of our students. Hopefully the weather is cooperative for a bonfire, smores, and pumpkin carving.

My walking boot is history in one more day. I cannot tell you how excited I am... Now if only the swelling in my ankle will go down so that I can wear my favorite pair of shoes again soon...

This past Friday, I was reunited with great friends. And again on Saturday. Brittany was in from grad school for the weekend, and we had a great group of friends show up for a great dinner. Bethel had their Alumni girls basketball game on Saturday. I have been missing my old roommates and friends, and still do, and it was so good to see some old faces that I love.

This Sunday, Pastor John spoke about fellowship and I was reminded how much it is necessary for us to have a loving community, and seeing the beauty and love that is our church family.
A student in our ministry is going through a difficult time. Her mom is back in the hospital for what seems like the bagillionth time, and things don't look good. She has an older sister and a younger brother. It is overwhelming to think of how much their lives will change in such a short time.
I think about all this. And then I remember the sermon I heard on Sunday and the certainties in life: The church I attend is a loving family that is supportive, and that I am a part of that support. God is Good. God is Love. God is faithful. God is in control.

And tomorrow the sun will rise.

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