Tuesday, November 23, 2010

this is the only title i can come up with

I love my church.
I love the students that I get to hang out with. I love the staff that I get to hang out with. My church is seriously awesome. Okay. That is maybe the end of that bragging... Maybe.
But seriously. Here is why:
- Emotionally hard times... I've seen them happen in our students' lives. And I've seen their friends and their mentors in the youth group surround them and be people that are willing to be in the midst of that situation with them. I can't even tell you how much I love to see that when it happens.
- We have so much fun together.... Whether it is playing a game of Christian Guard, playing Ninja, watching a movie, or just eating some food together; I never leave without having abs that are a little sore or eyes that have a few tears because I have laughed THAT hard. And I will admit that I have become dangerously close to peeing my pants again.

And well... I have a new Wednesday night and Sunday night tradition. Like I mentioned in earlier posts, I am a co-leader for a small group for our high school ministry, and it is hosted at an awesome family's house on Wednesday nights. I am in love with this family. They are the type of family that when you meet them, you instantly feel like a part of it. So now, when group is over, Doug and I and a few others will go to this family's house and eat some amazing food and just hang out with them. The new Sunday night tradition started two weeks ago. There is an awesome chinese restaurant that is just down the road from our church. When I was an intern at St Mark we would eat there before Wednesday nights, and I am so glad that we have started back up at eating there. It is great food for a great price and I love the owner. It is owned place by a chinese family, so the wife is always there, and is usually always the waitress/hostess. She is awesome. So anyways, now every Sunday night after youth group, a majority of the group goes down to the restaurant and has a huge family style chinese dinner.

I am officially a Jamba Juice employee. I went through a seriously intense week of training and our store officially has its grand opening tomorrow morning at 10am. I am pretty much monumentally pumped. I work with such a great team - seriously, from owner to management to all team members... I am so pumped. So I'm not "using" my degree, but I am gaining a new life experience, and hopefully impacting the people that I meet there. I'm excited to work there. And well, the great smoothies are a plus.

I am pumped about Thanksgiving, but that is another post that will have to come later. I need to get to sleep.

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