Wednesday, November 10, 2010

update shmupdate

A hodge-podge of updates.

1)I survived the Middle School Fall Retreat. It was maybe one of the greatest ones I've been on. Adam Sharp spoke for us and Chris Lehane led worship for us. Saturday was spent lounging, world domination in Risk, playing games of mafia, playing some hide and seek around the place we were staying at, having a bonfire, and concluding the day with the greatest dance party EVER. I just wish that I could have been a part of it more, but such is life with a recovering injury. I'm not supposed to really run, jump, dance on the foot yet... But I did get out on the floor for a few songs. Paying for it now.

2) I am pumped for this weekend and the High School Fall Retreat. Jared Gregory is going to be speaking. It's going to be a blast. No doubt.

3) Next week I start training for the new Jamba Juice that is opening in the Eddy Street Commons. I am so excited to begin working there. We have the greatest team ever! No Joke. I am so pumped to work with Dana, Dian, and Mary.

4)I think in the past two weeks I have watched the trailer for Despicable Me at least a hundred times. My nephew Brayln absolutely loves watching it, and I can't even describe what its like to watch him watch the trailer.

5) I think my love of coffee is bordering on addiction. Seriously... Some days I wake up and it is the very first thing that I think about. Especially when it is the Vanilla Biscotti blend. Mmmm.

6) I find that more and more often [especially in the last week] I wish I was better at basic math. And things like telling time. But I'm not. It comes from being dyslexic. Give me a page of math problems and I will work those out no problem... But when it comes to like recording down amounts of money spent and adding those things together - numbers get jumbled. I remember that I always hated doing receipts for Seth when I worked for him because it would take FOREVER to do. And I seriously have no concept of time. Someone can call me and if I don't look at a clock and someone asks when they called... I can't tell you. Not even a rough estimate of when it was. 20 minutes is sometimes 45 minutes. And 45 minutes is sometimes 20 minutes. And in stories that I tell... Usually "the other day" refers to anything that happened before "yesterday".

7) I saw all the snow on Friday night... And I was pumped. I was so not really expecting to feel that way about it. I am unbelievably excited about Christmas music and hot chocolate. And watching Elf. And napping on the couch in the living room when there is tons of snow falling outside.

The end.

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